If you’re not used to taking several different meds, it can be a little daunting at first. Here are some tips to make the medicine go down more smoothly.

1. Know your stuff
Don’t leave your doctor’s office without knowing exactly what medicine you are supposed to take, what it’s for, how much to take, when, and how often. Write down the information for future reference (Organize your medications with this printable chart.)

2. Make a schedule
If you’re taking lots of different meds, injections, or both, you may need to actually write out a schedule to figure out how they all fit together—and to make sure you remember to take them.

3. Avoid bad interactions
Some drugs should not be taken together, and some vitamins, dietary supplements, and even fruits or juices (grapefruit, in particular) may change how certain medications work. Inform all health care providers about any supplements or nonprescription meds you take. Go over the list at every office visit.

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Handy Tool:
Here’s a way to make sure you’re on top of your current medication regimen. Carry this list in your wallet, and you’ll always have it handy to share with health care providers.