March is nutrition month, and good nutrition is the foundation diabetes management. Nutritionist Lathera Lotmore shares her top 5 nutrition tips with ACE Diabetes.

1.      Do not skip meals: Have regularly scheduled meals which help your body to regulate blood sugar levels.  If you plan to go out to dinner or to a party, do not starve yourself in anticipation of eating a large meal later because it may lead to over-eating.

2.      Make wise food choices: Select whole grain foods (oats, whole wheat pasta, yellow grits, cassava, corn, etc.), fruits, and vegetables.

3.      Control your portions: Eat balanced meals i.e., Fill ½ of your plate with salad or other non-starchy vegetables, ¼ of your plate with protein and the remaining ¼ of your plate with grains or starchy vegetables at least two meals per day.  Ensure to eat out of a plate that is 9 inches or less.

4.      Avoid temptation: Do not shop on an empty stomach and keep your kitchen free of enticing food items that are unnecessary.

5.      Drink lots of water: Make water your primary beverage of choice.  It has no sugar or calories and it helps your body to function well.