A balanced diet is the cornerstone for diabetes management.  I am sure you knew that. But do you find that you miss meals, grab food on the go and eat unwisely? If this is you, then a little planning can make a big difference.

Here are my steps for getting on track…

1. Find out what you should be eating.
Make an appointment with a nutritionist or other healthcare professional who is an expert in diabetes care. Find what your body needs to be fit and healthy.

2. Plan your food once a week.
Wednesday night is my meal planning night, only because Thursday is my shopping day. Choose a time when this works for you.

3. Bring out the recipes.
On your meal planning night pull out your recipe books, search on the Internet or look in magazines.
Choose recipes that fit your taste and budget.

4. Write it down.
Write down the days of the week. Give each day a recipe for dinner.Write down the title, book and page number. Don’t want to cook every night? Me neither! So I make a little bit more for left overs.

5. Make your shopping list.
From each recipe, write down the ingredients you will need. This creates your shopping list for the week. It helps you to stay on track in the food store and prevents you from over spending and buying items that you really don’t need.

6. Practice makes perfect.
When you start something new it can take 3 months before you have settled into a routine. Practice, practice, practice. Soon you will have a list of favorite healthy meals that you can whip up in a flash.

Have fun
Anita Cates RN, CCDE

Meal Planning – 5 Steps