By Leotha Benson RN | The Compact Care Place

Needle stick injury is a great problem exposing workers to blood-borne infections.

Proper disposal of sharps is extremely important for public safety. Failure to adhere to safe sharp disposal can injure people and spread infections.

Used needles and other sharps are dangerous to people and pets.

As the number of drugs injected at home continues to grow the use of sharps in the home will increase as well.  Too many people throw sharps, needles and lancets in the trash creating significant health concerns.

The aim is to educate all patients with diabetes and patients injecting medication about: Proper use and disposal of sharp containers.

The danger imposed on untrained workers at environmental facilities who manually remove sharps from the landfill.

The cost of providing care and counseling to an individual after a needle stick/puncture.

Dos and Don’t of Safe Sharp Disposal

DO: Keep all sharps out of reach of children and pets

DON’T: Throw loose needles and other sharps in the trash

DO: Place used needles & other sharps in a sharp disposal container

DON’T: Flush needles and other sharps down the toilet