How you start your day can not only affect your mood, it can also affect how well you manage your diabetes.

Whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, starting your day slowly and mindfully can improve how well you’re able to manage your condition.

Many of us would love a bit of extra time in the morning, but this is usually due to the quality of sleep we’re getting rather than the quantity. To best serve yourself, be sure to block off some time to wind down before bed (dark room, no screens) and get to bed around the same time every evening.

5 Morning Life Hacks for Controlling Diabetes

#1 Lay out your clothes for work or the gym the night before.

No matter where you’re headed in the morning, get a head start by picking out your clothing the night before. This can be especially helpful if you’re waking up early or getting ready in the dark.

#2 Make your breakfast ahead of time, and don’t forget to eat it!

Meal prep is a great way to eat healthy, and save money and time. Make breakfast one less thing to think about by preparing something the night before so your meal is ready whenever you are. Some great make-ahead breakfast ideas are:

  • Overnight oats or chia pudding
  • Make-ahead smoothies
  • Breakfast burritos
  • Hard-boiled eggs

#3 Pack your supplies, and then pack them again.

Organize your inventory of medicines and supplies, and keep things tidy. This will make it easier to see what you’re running low on. Don’t forget to check expiration dates! Check to make sure you have everything you need before leaving the house, and then check again.

#4 Listen to something you love.

Before you start your day, like while you’re on your way to work or eating breakfast, listen to a podcast or some music you like. Set the tone for the day with your favorite music or listening to something that interests you like a podcast or audiobook.

#5 Make your routine into a to-do list.

Make a list of what habits you want to complete every morning. Then check them off as you complete them. Your morning habit to-do list can look something like this:

  • Check blood sugars.
  • Check feet.
  • Eat breakfast.
  • Take medications & pack them for later.
  • Bring medical supplies & extra meter.

Try using a free habit tracker app or investing in a planner to keep track of your habit streaks, monitor your progress and celebrate your wins!