5 to Thrive Love

People are loving our 5 to THRIVE course! It’s a game-changer for people struggling with diabetes.

I found this course truly helpful. It helped me to set and maintain healthy goals in relation to my diabetes. It has given me greater insight as to how diet, exercise, and how medication affects my body- allowing me to make better choices.
– JS

I really learned a lot from this course and now I have the essential tools to thrive with diabetes.
– TS

I thought I had my diabetes regime under control. Quite frankly I did what I had to do because I was told it would help with my disease (i.e. diet medication exercise, etc). After taking this course and being told how the exercise, how to diet, how to take medication, and what really works to bring diabetes under control. I made a turnaround and I am 100% committed to getting my diabetes under control. I enjoyed the sessions and looking forward to advanced and master sessions on how to thrive with diabetes in the future.
– KM

I’m a 30+ year Type 1 diabetic and I’ve had much knowledge and training over the years as to how to care for myself. But from time to time, one still needs to be refreshed and inspired to do better. During this program, I was reminded of a lot of the traditional standard of care I have been taught, but I also learned much new information because research, medication, and treatments are always evolving and the understanding of this disease is ever improving.

The best part of the program though is Nurse Cates herself. You know you have someone in your corner who’s sincere and positive, truly rooting for you, is extremely knowledgeable, and who will be a support for you through this journey. A medical practitioner can have all the knowledge in the world but if they don’t care about their patients, all that training is for naught.

We should all be so blessed as to have caring health professionals like Nurse Cates. Overall, I’m very glad I signed on to take the course. You will only benefit from it.
– Dionne Benjamin-Smith

This was my 1st introduction to education surrounding diabetes as I was recently diagnosed but it was worth every minute. Nurse Cates is very personable, knowledgeable, and welcoming and her encouragement videos were exceptional.

There is still a lot more to learn but I am moving to the next step to be more informed. I have learned not to base my decisions on hearsay or what I may perceive to be correct about foods, but to do my research which helps tremendously to make better decisions for a better way of life while living with diabetes.

Diabetes is not a death sentence if we take charge of our lives and do what needs to be done properly and not rest on our laurels. Thanks a lot!
– RF

I would like to thank Nurse Cates for an informative, detailed, and inspiring course. You made me more aware of my diabetes giving me hope in controlling or possible reversal of my diabetes. I surely appreciate everything you have done. I will always share and recommend the course to others.  Thank you Nurse Cates, you’re are an awesome teacher and a blessing to us.
– TT

I was really overwhelmed after being diagnosed. After doing the class I’m less frustrated and more knowledgeable therefore feeling empowered.
– Brigitte Major

The 5 to Thrive course helped me to reach all of the healthy targets and keep a better check on my blood sugar levels.
– Carlos Thompson

Nurse Cates did an excellent job. She really covered all the major points that I needed to be explained. I was so frustrated and not really understanding my prediabetes and how to live on a daily basis to prevent me from moving up the ladder to Diabetes. Her presentations were executed in a simple way and she made me feel so encouraged to use what she taught me in the 5 to Thrive course.
– Daisy Roberts

The 5 to Thrive classes were exceptional and provided those who are having challenges with their conditions to have some direction and comfort. The material was relevant and very educational. Anita has the knowledge and professionalism to make all feel welcomed and heard. Her spirit and enthusiasm along with her care to help really helped me as well as others. It was far from boring. I think the highlight for many is to hear from other diabetics and share their experiences, challenges, and victories. The Chat Group is a hit especially to hear the daily stories at times. It is a great first step to help and encourage persons to not allow diabetes to control you but you control it and thrive.
– John A C Benjamin

Knowledge is power and I sure received adequate knowledge to determine my own health destiny. As a prediabetic, the information and activity presented provided me with opportunities to control or reverse my condition. Thank you Nurse Cates!!
– PW