ZOOM In On Diabetes with ACE Diabetes

This is an ACE Diabetes production designed to provide education and support to people living with diabetes.

Tuesday September 27 at 6:30pm

Ask The Doctor

Q&A with Dr. Ariane Davis-Simmons

Living with diabetes can affect many day-to-day aspects of your life and leave you with questions. Diabetes can be confusing, especially for those just diagnosed, or for people struggling to maintain control. However, with the right information, managing your diabetes can be so much easier. Dr. Ariane Davis-Simmons has answers regarding all aspects of living with diabetes. Join us on Tuesday, September 27, and bring your questions… or submit them in advance.

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Dr. Davis-Simmons will answer them in the ZOOM In On Diabetes session on September 27.

Dr. Ariane Davis-Simmons, Endocrinologist

Dr. Davis-Simmons’ interest in Diabetes and Endocrinology began early in her medical training spurred by the diagnosis of diabetes in her father and Type 1 diabetes in her 9-year-old niece. She initially watched them struggle in different ways with their diagnoses and management and knew that if she understood this field that she could make it easier for them and others to successfully maintain their health despite very real challenges.

Growing up in the Bahamas and having her formative medical training there has had a significant impact on her. After completion of a rigorous fellowship program she was eager to return to the Bahamas and become one of the few certified endocrinologists in our country. She is passionate to use her skills to serve the population which inspired her to pursue a career in endocrinology.

Dr. Davis-Simmons is ready to answer your questions about living with diabetes.



Here’s what people are saying about ZOOM IN ON DIABETES…

“For the first time since I was diagnosed, I feel like having diabetes isn’t all negative and doesn’t have to be so hard. I understand better what I’m dealing with and it’s not the end of the world.” ~ PW


These classes are designed, produced, and facilitated by ACE Diabetes. They are part of our free diabetes educational series. Education is the key to successfully getting and keeping your diabetes under control. You are the most important member of your diabetes management team. We aim to provide you with the information necessary to control your blood sugar and live a healthy life. From basic information to tips for living well with diabetes to specialized advice – these one-hour presentations are for anyone who lives with diabetes or is interested in learning more.

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