Saturday 24th November 2012, 9am-11am,

Bahamas Association for Social Health (BASH).


Tribune Features Reporter

SOME walked, while others chose to jog or cycle through acres of Bahamian Coppice during the ACE Diabetes Nature Walk, Saturday.
Participants followed Terry Miller, president of the Bahamas Association for Social Health (BASH), through the trails, while taking note of the natural vegetation and wildlife.

“It was beyond our expectation; Bahamians are really taking diabetes seriously and ACE Diabetes is so pleased to be apart of the way forward in diabetes awareness, compassion and education,” said Dr Graham Cates, president of the Awareness, Compassion and Education (ACE) Diabetes group.

ACE Diabetes was established over the summer to reduce the burden of diabetes on individuals, families, communities and health-care systems.
“ACE Diabetes, BASH and the New Providence Community Church (NPCC) are committed to a holistic approach to health and wellness: physical, spiritual, social, emotional and financial. In an effort to bring increased awareness to one’s physical wellness, ACE Diabetes partnered with BASH and NPCC to have the “Nature Walk”, to show people that exercise can improve your social wellness as we interact with friends and family,” said Dr Cates. He said his intentions was to foster a positive approach to the prevention and management of diabetes by having a fun activity for persons of all ages.
“At the end of the Nature Walk there was a time for discussion about diabetes prevention and management. Lifestyle activities are key: regular exercise, good nutrition habitats and weight management,” said Dr Cates