10 Diabetes Tips


1. Never take insulin before seeing your food. They always end up ‘not having it’ 

2. Don’t eat meals in the car. From experience, it always spills and then you have insulin on board with no food to cover it. 

3. Don’t wait too long before eating. You’ll most-likely have a “low day”. 

4. If you have a Dexcom, don’t ignore it because when it makes noise, all eyes will be on you. 

5. Always carry back up insulin in case your insulin pump malfunctions. It always happens at the worst times. I usually take extra insulin in a syringe. 

6. It’s better to travel with too much juice (and snacks) than to have too little. You’ll always have a low day when there is not a lot of them in your bag. 

7. When you are hungry because you are low, don’t eat every snack in your bag – know that it is just the “low” speaking. Instead, drink juice then eat a snack when it goes up. You’ll thank me later. 

8. If you have an insulin pump with tubing like I do, be careful, as sometimes the tubing hooks on to something, pulling one way while you pull the other way, and it snaps. 

9. When you are not eating a full meal, still take some insulin. Without any active insulin in your body, you will go high. 

10. When you are traveling, order wisely in the airport. Get something that keeps your numbers controlled so you can have a good flight. Then you can eat when you’re on the ground.