Maintaining a healthy diet and weight is a crucial part of living well with diabetes. But eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive.

Stretch your dollar further by using these budget-friendly tips.

Tip #1: Don’t shop hungry or without a list.

Shopping while hungry can cause you to impulse buy things you wouldn’t normally purchase. Always have a plan & stick to the list!

Tip #2: Try preparing a weekly meal plan.

Planning meals can take some preparation and planning, but saves you time and money. Make it fun with a theme-based menu, like Mexican or Italian and get the family involved!

Tip #3: Compare options and check sales.

Check around for the lowest prices on items you buy often. Stick to shopping what’s on sale and try to stock up on your favorite items when they’re at a discounted price.

Tip #4: Buy frozen or bulk foods.

Stocking up on frozen fruits and vegetables limits food waste and usually is more cost-effective. When buying in bulk is an option, go for it! Staples like oats, rice, and beans are shelf-stable and affordable when bought in larger quantities.

Tip #5: Try what’s in season and local.

Choose to buy what’s falling off the trees and sprouting from the ground this season. When possible, try local to save money on import fees and support our farming community.

By investing in your health now, you can delay or prevent the future cost of things like doctors visits, medication, surgery and more.

Make health your first priority and biggest investment.