“Awareness is not just noticing what is going on around you, but what is going on within you as well.” Unknown

Raising awareness in The Bahamas of this ever-growing disease is one of the main efforts behind the mission of ACE. In 2005 the Communicable Disease Prevalence Study, conducted by the Bahamian Ministry of Health, showed that 6.7% (23,000) of the Population had Pre-Diabetes and 9.2% (32,000) had diabetes. The public must be made aware of the need to recognize diabetes early and how to prevent diabetes and the serious health consequences of diabetes (International Diabetes Federation 2011).

Awareness raising can cover a huge range of activities: anything that involves people understanding, learning or doing something new; visioning the future; working out how to change something in their lives; or talking to someone else about what they’ve done – all are part of the process of raising awareness about the need for Diabetes.

How You Can Help Raise Awareness

Be part of the ACE Diabetes movement! Any way you can raise awareness will help increase public understanding about the disease of diabetes.

Increase your knowledge:

  • Learn more about diabetes. Knowledge is power.
  • Sign up for ACE’s quarterly newsletter to receive important information on diabetes from noted professionals in the field and from people just like you.

Be social and share:

  • Share information on social media.
  • Share information about all the family support options.

Get involved offline:

  • Volunteer to help at the ACE Diabetes Expo.
  • Participate in an ACE Diabetes event.
  • Start an ACE support group.

Support ACE:

  • Become an ACE sponsor to promote ACE’s efforts to provide support, education, advocacy, and research.
  • Become an ACE professional member to reach those looking for local services from trusted professionals.
  • Get your employer involved in workplace giving.
  • Share ACE’s list of “10 Reasons to Support ACE Diabetes” to explain why charitable giving matters.