5 to Thrive: Course Outline

This course aims to motivate and empower you to take charge of your diabetes. You will learn strategies for better health habits, so that you can improve your health, happiness, and overall quality of life.

The 5 to Thrive course focuses on the 7 key areas of care to help you manage your diabetes. The content is curated to reflect these key areas whilst providing support as you learn to set priorities and improve your self-management tactics and skills.


  • Healthy Coping
  • Healthy Eating
  • Being Active
  • Taking Medication
  • Monitoring
  • Problem Solving
  • Reducing Risks


These sessions are interactive. You will meet friends who are on the same path as you – making it a fun and easy experience, as you gain the knowledge you need to live well with diabetes… and in fact, THRIVE!


Making changes can be exciting, but we know it can also be challenging. For this reason, the 5 to Thrive course provides support between sessions. Reach out via WhatsApp, email, or drop into the 5 to Thrive Zoom Room for a confidential chat with our facilitator.


Sessions will be conducted online via Zoom and in person at BAF Financial headquarters. Participants will receive useful tools and valuable handouts during the course.


Please check your calendar and ensure that you can commit to attending all five sessions before registering. Certificates of Completion and goodie bags will be handed out to participants who have attended all sessions.

Course Outline

Monday, May 9

Start As You Mean To Go On

Key areas of care: Healthy Coping & Monitoring

Introduction & Plan: Overview of the course. Get started by becoming aware of your habits.

Start by committing to learn and to be open to new ideas to prevent or delay complications.
Discussion will include: What is diabetes? Coping with diabetes, factors that affect your blood sugar.

Online: ZOOM Session

Monday, May 16

Should You Be Eating That?

Key areas of care: Healthy Eating & Monitoring

This is a practical session. Food will be served – bring your blood glucose monitor. In the past, eating plans for people with diabetes were very restrictive. Things are different now. Explore what works for you and how different foods affect your blood sugar. We will discuss the Plate Method and various testing tools.

Arrive at 6pm for a quick blood pressure check before the session starts promptly at 6:30pm

Location: BAF Financial Headquarters (catered session)

Monday, May 23

Friend or Foe?

Key areas of care: Taking Medication & Problem Solving

Diet and exercise are not always enough to bring your blood glucose into a healthy range. Medication can be your friend. Let’s talk about your medication and the ups and downs.

Online: ZOOM Session

Monday, May 30

Get Your Groove On

Key areas of care: Being Active & Monitoring

Find out what being active really means and how it can positively impact your diabetes and overall health. Yes, you can be active at all levels.

Arrive at 6pm for a quick blood pressure check before the session starts promptly at 6:30pm

Location: BAF Financial Headquarters

Monday, June 6

Finish Strong!

Key areas of care: Reducing Risks

This is not the end… this is the start of your healthy journey with diabetes. Learn the ABC’s of diabetes, how to get the best out of healthcare visits and how to prevent complications.

Location: BAF Financial Headquarters

Participants who have attended all classes will receive a Certificate of Completion and a goodie bag.